About Us

ZenDati is focused on backup. We don’t do anything other than backup and so we don’t suffer from distractions.

What does our name mean? Δ

Zen is a Buddhist school of thought that many associate with a sense of Peace and Security. Dati is the Italian word for the data we will preserve and secure. ZenDati uses the best of east and west to bring you peace of mind knowing that your most important data is safe in our capable hands.
ZenDati gives you Peace of Mind through Data Protection.

Management Δ

Aslam Nathoo Δ

Aslam Nathoo
Aslam is ZenDati's Chief Backup Evangelist more formally known as the Managing Director of Sales and Business Development. He is responsible for spreading the gospel of good backup strategies and welcoming new clients to the company. He first got interested in backup during 2005 when the hard drive on his laptop failed and he almost lost everything.

Aslam has more than 14-years experience with start-up as well as established firms managing Technology Strategy as well as selling Enterprise and Government Technology Solutions to people like US Department of Justice, the US Navy SPAWAR division and INTERPOL. This experience fuses well with his upbringing surrounded by a family-based tourism business and gives him a truly unique perspective on technology and the challenges faced by organizations large and small in both the public and private sectors.

When he isn't preaching you the ZenDati gospel or helping one of your friends see the light of regular backups, Aslam can be found travelling (more than 40 countries and counting), salsa dancing, volunteering and trying to hack his newest Apple gadget.

Address Δ

ZenDati Data Services
#905-175 West 1st Street
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V7M 3N9
Main: +1.604.957.1559
Sales: +1.888.ZenDati (936.3284)

We will never hold your data captive... Δ

At ZenDati we have a set of corporate philosophies that involve such ideas as:
  • Be a Straight Shooter: Be upfront, honest and have integrity in all relationships
  • Innovation and Personal Service is how we will stand apart
  • It’s the user’s data: Never hold it captive
  • Treat the user as you would a close friend