We provide two services at ZenDati - an Online Backup Service and Data Security Consultation.

Online Backup Service

We operate secure, remote backup servers. You can use our service and software together to have your most critical files automatically backed up to our servers on a daily basis so as to protect them from hard drive crashes, theft, fire, etc.

Because our server is located off of your premises, it protects your data not only from
drive failures and physical damage (like dropping your laptop) but also from other common yet often overlooked causes of data loss such as theft, and natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, land slides, volcanic eruptions or even pestilence (the computer virus kind not the biblical locusts kind. :-) )

Data Security Consultation

We can also help you develop a backup strategy tailored to your business’ needs. We won’t try and fit your business with its unique environment into a pre-made mould. We will listen to your concerns and design a system that will work for your unique situation.

What sets your services apart?

Personal Service is the most important component that sets as apart. The fact that we have technicians who can show up on-site at your business when you have a data emergency means that you won't be left out in the cold trying to figure out how to restore your data when you are at your most vulnerable.