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Express versus Pro Backup Packages

(a.k.a. Home and Student vs. Business/Corporate Backup Packages)

We have two types of backup services - DataVault Express and DataVault Pro.
Express is aimed at
Home and Student users and Pro is aimed at Business/Corporate users.

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Both types of backup service include:

  • Automated Backups
  • Worry-free, Set-It-And-Forget-It Schedules
  • Off-Site Backups to Multiple, Redundant, Secure Storage Servers
  • Data Encrypted In-Transit and At-Rest
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Un*x and Netware Clients

Areas where
DataVault Express and DataVault Pro backup service differ include:
  • Backup Client Software Features (e.g. Multiple Backup Sets per computer, Overlapping Backup Schedules and Advanced Version/Retention Management)
  • Support for backing up Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino/Notes Servers
  • Support for backing up Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle Database Server
  • On-Site Support Hours Included in the Backup Packages

Backup Client Software

Our DataVault Express backup client software targeted at home users allows you to quickly specify which files to backup and a backup schedule (daily, weekly or monthly). However, Express users may only create one backup set (i.e., one collection of files to be backed up) and set one schedule (daily, weekly or monthly) for that backup set.

DataVault Pro backup client software targeted at business users allows you to specify multiple backup sets on one computer so that you can protect your images (which change less frequently) from your documents (that change daily). The Pro client software also allows for complex overlapping backup schedules so that you can set, for example, daily backups every weekday at 08:00 and once per week every Friday at 18:00. In addition, the pro client allows for finer previous version control. For example, many of our accounting customers prefer to have multiple versions of their previous financial files available for restore. One such configuration would keep daily versions for the last week, weekly versions for the last month, monthly versions for the last quarter, quarterly versions for the last year and annual versions for the last 7 years. This allows them to go back and restore their financial data as it appeared at any of those intervals. Only DataVault Pro gives you this level of control.

Mail Server Support

Our DataVault Express can backup Microsoft PST files from an individual’s computer. With DataVault Pro, administrators can backup their entire Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 or 2007. In addition, DataVault Pro customers can backup a Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino Server version 5.0 or higher.

Database Server Support

Most Database Servers are located within businesses. For that reason, DataVault Express does not have any support for backing up Database Servers. However, with DataVault Pro administrators can backup Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000 or 2005; MySQL 3.2.1 or higher; and Oracle 8i or greater Database Servers.

On-site Support Hours Included

Annual On-site Support Hours are included in all but one of our Corporate packages. They are an optional Add-On feature for all of our Home and Student packages as well as our entry-level Corporate package.

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