Referral and VAR Partner Programs

ZenDati DataVault is a great opportunity for you to help your friends, peers and customers gain Peace of Mind through Data Protection. Not only will your they thank you, but you will earn commissions on each and every new customer you bring to us.

Referral vs. VAR Partner
As a Referral Partner you would refer our services to your contacts and leave the billing and support to ZenDati. For every one of your referrals who signs-up, you will receive a lump sum commission.

As a Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partner you take a more active role in client management. Your firm will purchase services from
ZenDati and then resell them to your clients. You will control all end customer billing and are responsible for the 1st Tier of Tech Support. As such you can use ZenDati DataVault as a sort of catalyst to help increase your services revenue by setting up a regular maintenance schedule with your clients (more about his later).

Are you more interested being becoming a Referral Partner or a VAR Partner?

Referral Partner Program Δ

Commission Structure Δ

When you refer someone new who buys a ZenDati DataVault plan, you will earn a commission based on what plan they purchase.

Lump Sum Commissions
Rather than paying you small percentages over time, we prefer to give you a healthy lump sum commission for each new customer you refer. Therefore, for each new customer plan, you will earn:
  • 2x the monthly backup plan price

You will earn this high lump sum commission regardless of whether they sign up for annual or monthly billing.

This chart shows you exactly how much you can earn from each type of backup plan:

Referral Partner Commissions

The Money Adds Up Quickly... Δ

Commissions can add up to a significant amount very quickly, as you can see below:
For example, lets follow the story of Dave.
This month Dave referred customers who purchased the following DataVault products:
  • 3x DataVault Express 5
  • 2x DataVault Express 10
  • 1x DataVault Express 20
  • 2x DataVault Pro 10
  • 1x DataVault Pro 30
  • 1x DataVault Pro 50
  • 0x DataVault Pro 70
  • 0x DataVault Pro 100
With 10 referrals to his name this month, it represents a good start. Dave knows he could do better but this was his first month talking about backup services. As you can see from the table, even with only 10 referrals this month Dave earned a total of $590.00 in commissions.

Next month Dave has a “Better” month now that he is getting into his groove talking about this fantastic service. His customers are real happy and have been telling him so. In that month, he referred 14 people and earned a total of

During the third (and final month of our tracking,) Dave has his best month yet. With 18 referrals, that averages out at to far less than 1 per day and Dave uses that benchmark as a kind of game. Each day he tries to end his day with one sale. In that month, he earned a total of

In total over the last 3 months, Dave has earned $3050.00 in commissions!!

As you can see, it adds up quickly.

Tracking and Payments Δ

We provide you access to a Partner Web Portal where you can track all your referrals and commissions. It is also from this portal that you can request payouts. Payments can be requested either by Cheque or PayPal.
Note: Commissions are credited to your account after the 3rd month if the customer account is still active an in good payment standing.

Referral Partner Program
Spec Sheet v2.2

Ready to Get Started? Δ

To get started as a Referral Partner, simply...

sign up online.

Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partner Program Δ

ZenDati DataVault presents a unique opportunity to protect your customers from disaster, add monthly profit margin to your books, boost customer loyalty and all while increasing your monthly services revenue!

As a ZenDati VAR, you may purchase services from us at special discount pricing, mark them up as you see fit and then sell them directly to your clients. VARs also handle the 1st Tier of Tech Support which allows you to maintain the close relationships you have built with your clients, while leveraging our equipment and expertise in data backup.

A Catalyst to Increase Services Revenue Δ

Since VARs control all customer billing and 1st Tier Tech Support, our VARs often use the setup, maintenance and regular testing of ZenDati DataVault backups as a sort of catalyst/Trojan Horse to increase your services revenue each and every month!

VAR Pricing Δ

Monthly-pay Plans
Monthly-paid plans can be purchased at a 20% Discount off of our regular prices.

Annual-pay Plans
Annually-paid plans can be purchased at a 25% Discount off of our regular prices.

Value Added Reseller Partner Program
Spec Sheet v2.2

Ready to Get Started? Δ

To get started providing Peace of Mind through Data Protection to your customers as a VAR, contact our Channel Sales Team either by phone or e-mail. You can call us at:


Toll free in Canada/US:
1.888.ZenDati (936.3284)