ZenDati is an Online Backup Service Provider and Data Security Consultant.

What we do in Plain English...

We operate secure, remote backup servers. You can use our service and software together to have your most critical files automatically backed up to our servers on a daily basis so as to protect them from hard drive crashes, theft, fire, etc.

Home and Student Plans starting as low as 45 cents/day!Corporate Solutions starting as low as 90 cents/day!

ZenDati = Peace of Mind
Because our server is located off of your premises, it protects your data not only from drive failures and physical damage (like dropping your laptop) but also from other common yet often overlooked causes of data loss such as theft, and natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, land slides, volcanic eruptions or even pestilence (the computer virus kind not the biblical locusts kind. :-) )

What does our name mean?

“Zen” is a Buddhist school of thought that many associate with a sense of Peace and Security. “Dati” is Italian for the Data that we preserve and secure. ZenDati uses the best of East and West to bring you Peace of Mind knowing that your most important data is safe in our capable hands.

Backup your data with ZenDati

...and enjoy Peace of Mind.